Co-founders needed!

Co-founder Kathy Le bailed at the start of the Y Combinator Startup School in Q1 2020 to help her husband grow his business in 2020. We did user research together in Q4 2019 and co-wrote incubator applications. Kathy and I are both University of Chicago Booth MBAs with product management background. I hope she will be able to come back into this later in 2020 because we complement each other well.

In the meantime, there’s really more to do than one person can manage. I’m open to any of the following:

  • SF Bay Area or remote (I’m in West San Jose near Santana Row).
  • Fellow YC Startup School participant or not (see below).
  • Product management and “jack of all trades” to help pull off the MVP now, or specific skills to grow the company in 2020, assuming meaningful MVP results. Those skills include in-bound marketing, Flutter (ListView, authentication, Stripe, Firestore backend), Python ML (clustering), architect in designing de-silo’ed data intensive applications.

In the case of my previous company, the three co-founders had worked together at Intel. So I know that kind of thing can work, but it’s not what’s happening now. The Y Combinator Startup School has some great videos on how to get co-founders working together, so it would be great if one or more people came from that background.
photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash.

Also like Gloria Lin’s description of getting together multiple times with potential co-founders on First Round Capital’s 2019 round-up:

Reaching out: Anybody who’s a product person and thinks we need dramatic improvement in virtual networking, please get in touch to set up a video call, esp. if comfortable with any or all of freelancing, in-bound marketing, ML: