How could Marmalade AI be useful to you?

I would love to have group calls to just like in networking events :slight_smile:

Agreed, Craig! I’ve met some incredible people on Dialup who were able to identify some of my blind spots. I was also able to find someone who is working together with me on establishing a cofounder relationship. can be made helpful by becoming the AI version of what Human Resources (HR) and headhunters are today.

As an entrepreneur, I would appreciate an app that can help me actively engage talent I need for getting work done in different areas, not just list job openings on a platform.

The app should go one step further than LinkedIn, to verify every item on the resume. I imagine this can be done through directly contacting HR/records department at the companies/institutions listed on a resume. Another way can be for Marmalade to partner with a verification organization, whereby they can do that work for a share in your revenue. A third way this can be done is through reference check (ask the user to have 1-3 references verify and rate their performance anonymously).

Once talent has been recruited, it would be great if the app can help me take care of basic onboarding for those particular temp/contractor role(s) so we don’t have to deal with HR tasks until we’re ready to create an HR team of our own. This obviously involves me having to produce specific onboarding guidelines in prior, but it would be great for onboarding to be automated (with a personal and human touch).

Last but not least, if this HR AI can also help with terminating staff, that would take a great emotional burden off the shoulders of any startup or micro/small enterprise. It is a difficult thing to do, but given situations like COVID, it may be the only sensible thing to do. If AI can buffer the emotional impact of such bad news for both sides, it can do humanity a great favor.

Hope this helps!

One of the ways that I network is through Meetup and conferences. People who attend those groups are self-selecting into topics where I expect to meet people with particular interests or skills. In addition to the fun of just talking to someone once, I hope to find people who:
* use methodologies and technologies that interest me;
* work on projects that interest me; or
* work at a company where I might be able to get a contract.
In the Meetup world, I enjoy bumping into the same people at different meetings over time, which builds trust and deepens the relationship.

These groups occur in different clusters that match my different interests: e.g. R and data science, AI and machine learning, Python as a means to implement machine learning, cloud architecture and devops, etc.

I find networking at these types of events to be much more difficult with the virtual platforms and event structure that most people are using during the pandemic. However, a few conferences and even a few meetups have made an effort to facilitate the personal chats and networking that usually occurs naturally during in-person events.

I would value a smart connections app that could help me meet new people for short, focused chats and could make it possible to re-meet in a natural way.

Thanks, Jim! Especially your comment about an app helping meet people for short, focused chats. That is a goal for sure.

Just a quick update distilling some of the discussion here and that we’ve been having weekly as a founding team:

  1. What is the problem? We need to be equally transactional (freelancers finding each other for a project) and educational (what tips do you have on what I should learn next?). Both transactional and education provide reasons to be on the platform every day and freelancers don’t have very good ways to solve those problems now.
  2. What is the benchmark? is a fabulous benchmark. It’s useful, but not quite useful enough. What’s missing is accuracy (7/8s of matches are only marginally relevant) and realtime (it’s too slow and time consuming to just set up a few weekly calls).
  3. What is the personality? Looking at the 6,000 freelancer profiles we’ve extracted for ML models and also dropped into Hubspot, what really jumps out at you is that the “persona” of our freelancer is 30 years old (+/- a few years), multicultural, disenfranchised from the corporate employee world, and eager to do great work.

I want a system that is going to surface to me, without me searching, some valuable connection that is going to help me with a current problem that isn’t just trying to sell me something. LinkedIn connections have become nothing more than spam, Twitter is not insightful and so many professional social match-making sites harvest your personal information to sell to advertisers.

I want a system that has high integrity of quality connections, not quantity, not irrelevant interests. If Marmalade AI can help me make even one meaningful connection then I would be forever grateful like I once was with LinkedIn (before it got ruined) :-).

Good luck on your project! It’s a great and ambitious idea.