Price? Freemium? Critical mass?

Open to ideas. Current thinking is the app is free until there’s enough there there to give it any value, and that at that point it’s $3, or $30, or $300 per month on subscription – those price points need to be tested A,B,C even when not being charged, because we want people to think about what the value would be.

Main two points about price are: 1) as positioning, and 2) value-based: do I expect there’s one chance in ten that using the app will enable me to earn 20% more the next period of time?

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I think tiered pricing makes sense if you’re offering different levels of, say, search or matching. Another possibility may be to monetize the actual searches — your revenue would be less predictable, though. But you might find you get more use and less churn.

Thanks for your comments on tiered pricing. Apologies for not getting back to your sooner. Hope things are going ok where you are. Our coffee delays have suddenly become planetary in scale. Meanwhile, I’ve been heads-down on software work. I guess I’ve been thinking of monetization as paying for scale rather than quality, and you mention both.