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In case we need a landing place for further discussion after today’s (2020-2-27) online event, here it is. The online forum was a Product School event hosted by Nikki Ndukwe ( and

A lot of the discussion focused on how difficult it is to network to the right job opportunities. On the buy side (recruiters, employers) there are a number of technology companies making it easier to find lots of candidates with a close match to a job description. On the sell side (individual job hunters, freelancers), we don’t have that, but we know that most of the time it is networking that does the trick. The point of is to understand the networking problem as broadly and concretely as possible, and then provide a smartphone-based app to address it. The following slides provide a baseline: Please add your comments about the problems you see in your own networking.

Several networking resources/communities were mentioned in the online event, such as

NYC (Paul Hurwitz):

Tech Breakfasts NYC -->
[Craig’s Google search – see also and] and Product School NYC -->

NYC recruiting firms for product managers:

Washington DC (Candace Harman)

SF Bay Area (Craig Fisk):

Slack groups:

Plato = mentoring community, pay for time with a mentor online.